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Energy Benefits of our Homes

Energy Benefits

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At that point the savings continues to grow, but at a slightly lesser rate. How can that be??? Very simple, just read below and you will see how you can save that much by going earth sheltered instead of building a conventional home. Can't be possible!!! Read on and you will see that the above amount is only in energy and interest savings, and when you add insurance and maintenance savings, the savings figure jumps even higher. Here's how:

This report is based on two homes, one conventional and one earth sheltered. Both homes for the purpose of this report are of like size and value. Each costing $100,000.00. Both homes are financed for 30 years at 9% interest. Payments are identical at $804.62 per month. The difference in this report comes from energy savings.

We are fortunate today that energy cost are still reasonable even though we are importing in excess of 253,000,000 barrels of oil PER DAY. Also at this time 78% of our nation’s oil wells are shut down to conserve what fossil fuel we have. Economist indicate that energy cost will continue to rise at a rate of approximately 5.5% per year until we run out of fuel in this country or until the oil cartel settles. At that time, economists indicate that energy costs will double and triple over-night.

It is known that 68% of our energy costs are for heating and cooling our homes. We at Earth Sheltered Technology also know that we can save you up 80% on your heating and cooling cost with one of our homes. On that basis, our ENERGY SAVINGS PAY-BACK report indicates that the first year an earth sheltered home will save you $73.44 per month. At five years it will save you $90.97 per month and at fifteen years it will save you $155.34 per month ($115.34 per month was a mis-print). For the purposes of this report, we have taken an average of the first 15 years energy savings which is $109.95 per month.

By paying the regular monthly payment of $804.62 plus applying the amount of the average monthly energy saving of $109.95 as an additional principal payment each month, you will reduce the contract term from 30 years to 19 years and two months. Sounds incredible, but it is true!!!

The following is a recap of the monetary savings from building one of Earth Sheltered Technology's award winning earth sheltered homes versus a conventional home of equal value:

Conventional home--30 years (360 payments) x $804.62 = $289,663.20

Earth sheltered home--19.years, 2 months (230 payments)

X 804. 62 per month -------------------------------------- $185,062.60

Total amount saved by applying $109.95 per month average

energy savings to principal of loan -------------------- $104,600.60

Add 6% simple interest on $104,600.60 for 130 months --- $ 45,575.92 (130 months represents the number of additional payments that would be required on a conventional home).

Add $270.21 average monthly energy savings--130 months-$ 35,127.66

($270.21 per month is the average energy savings over the last 130 months of the contract)

Add 6% simple interest on $35,127.66 for 130 months ---- $ 13,612.36

Total amount saved on owning an earth sheltered home versus a conventional home on a 30 year 9% contract ---- $198, 916.00

Our homes have so many advantages that it is hard to name them all. The biggest advantage is perhaps the energy efficiency. Our homes will never drop below 50 to 55 degrees F in mid-winter with absolutely no heat other than the passive solar and the natural heat from the ground.


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