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Earth Sheltered Designs

Energy Benefits

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All Floorplans Copyright 1981 - 2016 Earth Sheltered Technology Inc

Click on a design's name to view the floorplan and perspective drawing.

Eagle View (1325 sq. ft.) The Executive (2640 sq. ft.)
Meadowbrook (2270 sq. ft.) Riverview (2790 sq. ft.)
Eastport (1770 sq. ft.) Royal Oak (2750 sq. ft.)
Evergreen Ridge (1955 sq. ft.) Stone Henge (3075 sq. ft.)

Wedgewood (2095 sq. ft.)

Brekenridge (1870 sq. ft.)

Cabin View (1235 sq. ft.)

Eastland (2203 sq.ft.)

Garden Hill (2640 sq. ft.)

Kingston Place (3510 sq. ft.)

Newhaven (2484 sq. ft.)

Turtle Creek Place (1870 sq. ft.)

The Lakewood (1770 sq. ft.)

Westvale (2270 sq. ft.)

Seenaship Stay (4540 sq. ft.)

Cedar Haven (3510 sq. ft.)

Brook Park (2640 sq. ft.)

Stockton Woods (1770 sq. ft.)

Montgomery (3030 sq. ft.)

Greenville (2270 sq. ft.)

Morganville (2128 sq. ft.)

Providence (2640 sq. ft.)

The Tarrington (3125 sq. ft.)

Skyview (1770 sq. ft.)

White Oak Lodge (3707 sq. ft.)

Our homes have so many advantages that it is hard to name them all. The biggest advantage is perhaps the energy efficiency. Our homes will never drop below 50 to 55 degrees F in mid-winter with absolutely no heat other than the passive solar and the natural heat from the ground.


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We have built custom homes for satisfied customers around the country. Click on the photo above to see photos of a number of our custom homes.